AI recognized Subtitles & AI Translated Subtitles - RSI STAR

We would like to introduce an additional feature of our remote simultaneous interpretation plaform,


RSI STAR, our remote simultaneous interpretation platform, is non-face-to-face simultaneous interpreting 

service that can be deliver audio of a venue and interpreters.

Since the number of hybrid events and video conferences has been increasing, we have actively been using

our self-developed platform.

The AI feature, which has two functions, has finally added to our RSI STAR !

Firstly, it automatically generates subtitles by recognizing interpreted audio of interpreters using AI.

The biggest benefit of this function is you can see subtitles while listening audio of interpreters.

< Benefit of AI recognized subtitles >

★ Available to directly listen to simultaneous interpreted audio on the web platform

without going to venues in person

★ Available to read subtitles on your device ( i.e., can be a great help for the hearing impaired and 

can be used at events that are difficult to listen to audio)

★ Can be used anywhere in the world with easy access and easy use

★ Available to lemotely interpret a limitless variety of languages and provide subtitling service

Secondly, it generates subtitles by automatically interpreting a speaker's speech using AI.

Of course, this function is not as accurate as interpreters yet, but the biggest benefit is you can read 

a translated subtitle while listening to a speaker's speech.

< Benefit of AI translated subtitles >

★ Speaker's speech -> AI automated translation and subtitling

★ Available to directly read subtitles on the web platform

★ Available to provide subtitles automatically using AI to the hearing impaired

★ Can be used at events that are difficult to dispatch interpreters

Many international events do not allow dispatch of interpreters, and the hearing impaired and the socially

underprivileged cannot actively participate in them. In order to create an environment that solves 

these problems, we added this feature to our platform.

We strive to help you run your international event smoothly with borderless communication using 

our remote simultaneous interpretation platform.

Please feel free to contact us, and we will help you anytime.


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