Our Interpretation and Translation service is available in worldwide languages including English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, etc. Our interpreters are professionally qualified with academic backgrounds in Interpretation/Translation with rich, 

beneficial experiences in the field. A proficiency in the language and its contents are essential prerequisites for our staff.

Professional interpretation requires exploring background information and terminology in advance and acquiring the appropriate preparation needed for creating exact interpretation. This is the noticeable difference compared to general interpretation.
Simultaneous interpretation occurs at the same time the speaker is speaking and 2 interpreters take turns for 30 minutes intervals. SI is advanced level of interpretation work which interpreters have to listen to the speaker first and interpret in their brain and then speak out to the audience. Therefore, for the best quality interpretation service, each interpreter needs a rest in turn.
When the speaker is speaking, an interpreter takes notes and when the speaker stops speaking, (S) he interprets the contents consecutively. If the sentences are short, interpretation will occur based on their memory without note taking. The difference of Simultaneous interpretation is interpreters do not follow the speaker’s sentences right away, therefore, the interpretation can be more precise. For the best quality interpretation, CI also requires some break time between interpretations, such as an hour between sessions.